Corporate Support

We love working with our local community, and that includes local businesses and companies. As a venue, we are a fantastic place to host your team building days whether that’s hiring space through to the creation of bespoke programmes in collaboration with one of our associate artists. With our wide ranging programme of comedy, music and art we can also provide diverse opportunities for you to entertain your clients and treat your staff. Our corporate memberships are also a fantastic benefit for your staff, as your team get exclusive offers and no booking fees for any of our shows. And as a charity, we are firmly rooted in our Cambridge and your support means we can continue working with the local community and young people through meaningful creative activities.

With over 100,000 visitors in a typical year, Cambridge Junction is an excellent place to get your brand out there in the city. Or if you would prefer we can look at how we can help you bring creativity into your workplace, from workshops to artists in residence. Find out more about the different ways we can support your business, or contact Liz Hughes at